Jamner [Dist - Jalgaon]


Preface of IQAC:

In adherence to the guidelines recommended by NAAC, JTES’S, G.D.M. Arts, Shri. K.R.N. Commerce, and M.D. Science College Jamner, the "Internal Quality Assurance Cell" (IQAC) was established on March 22, 2002. Dr. A K. Raut has been serving as the coordinator of IQAC since the academic year 2024-25. The IQAC is a proactive body that addresses policies aimed at enhancing the quality of education and fundamental infrastructural development, aligning with NAAC recommendations for IQAC Constitution.

The IQAC functions as a comprehensive body focusing on Teaching-Learning-Evaluation, the core elements of the education system, for the betterment of students. Necessities identified across all sectors of the institute are prioritized, and action plans are deliberated in periodic IQAC meetings. Detailed records of proceedings are diligently maintained, and an Action Taken Report (ATR) is prepared at the end of each academic year. Additionally, the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) is meticulously compiled and submitted to the NAAC Office, Bangalore, within the stipulated timeframe each year.

Recognizing quality enhancement as an ongoing process, the IQAC integrates seamlessly into the institution's system, actively contributing to the realization of quality enhancement and sustenance goals. The primary role of the IQAC is to establish a system for conscious, consistent, and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the institution. Post-accreditation, the IQAC channels all efforts towards promoting holistic academic excellence.

Functions of the IQAC:

  • Setting Quality Benchmarks: Establishing quality benchmarks through consistent work, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Creating a Student-Centric Environment: Developing a student-centric teaching-learning environment to enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Defining Parameters for Learning Goals: Creating parameters to achieve academic and non-academic learning goals, fostering a holistic approach.
  • Promoting Edu Tech Innovation: Enabling faculty to efficiently use educational technology tools for innovative teaching methods.
  • Organizing Quality-Related Events: Organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences on quality-related themes, and promoting quality circles.
  • Facilitating Skill Development: Organizing various certificate courses to enhance skill development among students.
  • Feedback Collection and Analysis: Collecting and analyzing feedback from all stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes.
  • Documentation for Quality Improvement: Documenting various programs and activities contributing to quality improvement.
  • Coordination of Quality Activities: Acting as a nodal agency for coordinating quality-related activities, adopting and disseminating best practices.
  • Institutional Database Management: Developing and maintaining an institutional database through Management Information Systems (MIS) for continuous improvement.
  • Academic and Administrative Audit: Periodically conducting Academic and Administrative Audits and following up on recommendations.
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR): Preparing and submitting the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) in accordance with NAAC guidelines and parameters.